Friday, April 13, 2012


I am become an indifferent blogger. I'm not really surprised at that; I don't really enjoy writing that much, and there isn't a lot that I feel a strong need to share with the world. To be sure, I have opinions; but an opinion and a quarter might get you a gumball.

But I find that I'm writing all the time. My professional advancement requires that I write and publish scholarly articles and books. I don't actually mind that kind of writing; as long as I'm sure about my facts and confident in my analysis of them, I can write all day long. It's personal, non-obligatory writing that is so difficult for me. So why did I ever think I would succeed with a blog, which is exactly the kind of writing I find so difficult? Who knows. I suppose blogging is like gardening; I hate doing it, but I love fresh vegetables.


  1. I was always a pretty sporadic blogger until I joined Twitter last summer and suddenly developed a much larger readership. The problem for me is that when no one reads it, I'm not as motivated to write, and when I don't write, obviously no one's going to read it. This kind of writing is difficult for me too, but I still manage to derive a lot of satisfaction from it.

    (I'm not saying you should join Twitter or anything like that. It's just what worked for me.)

  2. Are the "fresh vegetables" of blogging comments? I'd think so...