Friday, April 13, 2012


I am become an indifferent blogger. I'm not really surprised at that; I don't really enjoy writing that much, and there isn't a lot that I feel a strong need to share with the world. To be sure, I have opinions; but an opinion and a quarter might get you a gumball.

But I find that I'm writing all the time. My professional advancement requires that I write and publish scholarly articles and books. I don't actually mind that kind of writing; as long as I'm sure about my facts and confident in my analysis of them, I can write all day long. It's personal, non-obligatory writing that is so difficult for me. So why did I ever think I would succeed with a blog, which is exactly the kind of writing I find so difficult? Who knows. I suppose blogging is like gardening; I hate doing it, but I love fresh vegetables.