Monday, August 29, 2011

The things you see when you haven't got your camera.

I went to the campus library today to get a couple of things. On my way to the section of the library where the linguistics shelves are (that's where the good stuff is), I saw this sign on a library cart:

Almost everything a cart should be.

It made me wonder who Jon Smith was, and why he was accorded this "honor." And what are the memorializers trying to say about Jon Smith?

"Jon Smith is almost everything a person should be."
"Jon Smith is almost a worthwhile person."
"Jon Smith almost gets his work done."

Of course, it most likely was just a joke at his expense.

The other sign I saw was on one of those tall desks you stand at, which are commonly used to hold computers. Taped to the surface of the desk was a piece of paper with the word "REMOVE" written on it. This invites a question. Should I remove the paper? Or is it the whole desk that has to go? I can do the former; the latter will require at least one other person. They really need to be more specific about things like that. (If it's still there the next time I'm around, I'll take the paper and see what happens. Maybe confetti will fall out of the ceiling, and I'll get a gift certificate for Red Lobster. Probably not, but I won't know until I try.)

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